Mind the Gap!


Mind the Gap! is a contest challenging IEEE Students in Region8 to come up with a project proposal describing an idea that helps reduce the gap between generations and bring them together. It should be feasible, useful, and beneficial to all generations.

The first, second, and third prizes amount to 750, 500, and 250 USD, respectively!

For more information visit http://www.ieeer8.org/uncategorized/cross-the-line-2/

Benefits for Students , Online Resume Lab !

Need help getting ready for an interview, or with your skills assessment? Need help with your resume/CV?

Then check out IEEE Resume Lab !

resume lab

By this program, you will be able to :

  • Develop your resume or CV using a number of different templates geared toward technical industries, sectors, and work-experience stages.
  • The interview process requires various types of letters, from a cover letter to a post-interview thank you letter. ResumeLab will help you develop these letters and assist you in communicating optimally throughout the hiring process.
  • Create your portfolio of work.
  • Take a skills assessment to help you highlight skills you possess, your competency in these skills, and how your experience with these skills is unique.
  • Perform a mock interview to help prepare for the real thing. Choose your interviewer, types of questions, and whether you want to record yourself or not.
  • Create a video resume or use the video function to record a custom video message to potential employers.


IUT Student won in IEEE XTREAM event

is a worldwide one day programming competition in which  competitor teams, up to three members, compete in solving about 30 programming question in a single (24 hours) day.  IUT IEEE student branch with two teams in 2015 has won the 137th and 148th among 2000 teams.

IEEE Xtreme

IEEE day 2015

IEEE day 2015

IEEE day is one of the best events to present what IEEE is and talk about its history and features. IUT IEEE student branch celebrate this event in electrical and computer department at Isfahan university of technology.IUT IEEE student branch has won the first photography contest held by Iran section with IEEE day 2015 in subject.


photo contest


ARM micro-controllers workshop

ARM micro-controllers workshop is now Presenting by the automation expert of IRISA. The workshop contains both theoretical and practical concept of arm micro-controllers. An evaluation board is designed for this workshop to program several example during the workshop.


Digital signal processor workshop

Digital signal processor workshop is hold by mr. Rashidi, the phd candidate of electric machine engineering, to make an understanding of  the concept of DSPs, functionalities, programming and etc.


Branch counselor award in 2015 is given to Dr.Mehdi Moallem

The management board of iut ieee student branch proudly announced the outstanding branch counselor award  in 2015 is given to Mehdi moallem, the professor of electrical and computer enginerring department of isfahan university of technology and counselor of iut ieee student branch.